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Built our home in 2004. Found ants coming from wall near tub, sprayed and opened wall and found black mold. Called builder who stated it was from grout in shower that has fallen out. Builder refusing to fix. Wife has been having trouble breathing, and have a 6 year old with a bad cough. I have drywall piece to replace hole in wall, just want to make sure mold is removed the right way. Please help!!

Brian P

There is a strong odor in basement and it may be mold. Don't know the exact location of the mold and need professional help to evaluate the situation.

John A

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Mold Removal - Mold Removal Questions
1.80 What is mold remediation?


A. Mold remediation is the name given to processes that aim to decontaminate and disinfect mold infested buildings. It usually involves a number of procedures, including testing for mold species, removal or cleanup of mold infested surfaces, restoration or replacement of mold infested structures, application of chemicals or dehumidification to prevent mold growth.

1.40 What is mold remediation?


A. Mold remediation is the removal of mold patterns, particularly inside houses. It's meant to control the spread of mold, if not completely eliminating it. If done correctly, elimination should be at the maximum. The process consists of removing any debri or substance that's been engulfed with mold. The process would then continue onto washing and scrubbing. The use of pressure washers are common in this step. Following the basic cleanup, a bleach solution would be applied to the affected areas. Products like Shockwave or Simple Green are often used.

1.20 Will insurance cover mold removal?

Q. We had some water damage about 4 weeks ago. Our insurance company had an adjustor come in and estimate the cost of repairs. We got the check from them and are in the process of re doing it. Today the dry wall company found mold in all of the rooms and this was not taken into account when we got the estimate. Should insurance cover the cost of mold removal?

A. It's highly unlikely. The very few insurance companies that have policies that DO cover mold remediation, limit coverage to $1,000 or $5,000. Then, they require you to have it done, or they cancel you. Mold remediation can easily cost $30,000, or even more. Worse, because mold is NORMAL, and part of the world, any time your moisture levels go up, the mold comes back. MOST mold is not that 'toxic mold' that worries everyone so much, so if you haven't had the mold tested, you should pay to do that first. This company could just be trying to drum up a lot of business.

1.20 How much to have the ducts cleaned and mold removed?

Q. I just moved into a new home that had never had the ducts cleaned. The house is a ranch with gas forced air heat on one zone with about 9 vents. I found this company on a coupon for $45 which included unlimited vents and a couple access holes. When the company began their work they found mold and the price skyrocketed from $45 to $1400. Does this sound like a screw job or is that price accurate for mold removal and duct cleaning?

A. Mold removal/remediation is entirely different from air duct cleaning. However, it is not uncommon to find mold in your air ducts. That is why we recommend the Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit at This unit will eliminate mold and bacteria from your indoor air and keep your air conditioning coils clean from mold. You must consider that to remove the mold from your air ducts, the air duct cleaning company is entering into a potentially dangerous situation for their employees. This requires expensive equipment and a person with the skills to do the remediation properly. Now that they have knocked the mold loose, you will need the high efficiency filtration and ultra-violet light of the Electro Breeze DMUV kit to kill and capture the mold spores in your indoor air. I hope this helps.

1.20 Low income mold removal in Illinois?

Q. I was wondering if there was some sort of program or company that provided low cost or free mold removal for families with low income? I have a baby in this house and I'm sure there's alot of mold growing under my house, I don't have a job and my parents barely make any money. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! No rude answers please.

A. Usually mold appears where there is high water content or lack of air flow .If you know where the mold is you can cover it with Kills Paint from home depot.Then to fix the problem find the leaking water source . And or circulate air in room .

1.20 Mold Removal Question?

Q. Okay, I had a leak in my shower handle core. It leaked in the shared wall with the closet and bathroom. It is a pretty small area along the bottom of the wall next to the floor. I've had a couple companies come give me estimates and it seems they give me two options. 1) Tear out the entire walls and nearly all of the bathroom (including the shower) because mold is probably growing in between the shower pan, along the outside wall etcc.. Costing nearly 2-3 thousand dollars. But, hey they will get all of the mold. 2) Another company said there is no need to tear out the shower. Just fix the mold problem that we can see in the closet and contain as much as we can (some spray?) without taking out the shower. This way apparently takes out the problem area (the leak is fixed). But I'm assuming doesnt kill ever single mold spore as the other estimate offered. And this estimate was roughly ~500 dollars or so. Any advice? Is it imperitive to get every single spore of mold? Edit: Assuming I clean up the leak and the place where a mass of mold has begun to grow. If I were to leave mold in some corner that I couldn't reach.... what kind of issues would this cause? There is no type of moisture anywhere near it now. I might be able to spray some bleach solution back behind there.

A. I would try the least expensive way first, making sure they spray it down with a bleach and water solution-- you don't need fancy chemicals...bleach is the key. You should tear out any drywall that has mold on it-- not necessarily the whole sheet, but get a wide margin around the mold. I'm not clear on whether you can see the mold of it it's behind the wall-- that get's tricky. You want them to take out enough so you can see how far it's spread. If you get it quickly, you shouldn't have to tear out the whole bathroom. Make sure you wear a mask if you're around it, though.

1.20 I'm buying a home & mold was found (3 areas) the seller refuses to do a remediation followup. what should i do

Q. Is it safe to continue buying this house? should i definately find out if it's toxic mold before i continue or should i back out of the deal since they don't want to do the remediation proccess? if i buy the house i can fix the mold later myself, right? the house is in las vegas. i am a first time home buyer. i don't want to buy this house if i can't fix the situation myself. the mold is very minor (found in bathroom and in laundryroom). please help me. thanks

A. As stated earlier, dont buy it. Its difficult to tell just how much mold is present. A few black marks on a wall may mean theres more behind it. Or maybe thats it. Often mold removal can be more expensive than the house itself. Could be your seller is trying to hide something?

1.20 Black mold removal from dishwasher ?

Q. How do you remove Black mold and mildew fom a Dishwasher? I read somehwere there is a home mixture you can make and then run it through to clean it.

A. DO NOT PUT BLEACH IN YOUR DISWASHER!!! It can damage the heating probes that dry your dishes. Get a dishwasher cleaner at your grocery store, it can be found where the dishwasher detergents are. Also you can use the dishwasher tabs or detergent that has the bleach with it, this is safe and that will prevent the mold and mildew from building. Do you let your dishes airdry or do you use the heated dry. You may want to start using the heated dry because that will help eliminate the moisture in the dishwasher. Worse comes to worse if none of that workes, your will have to use a mold and mildew cleaner on the inside of your diswasher and then let it set. Just remember to cover the heating probe before spraying. Then run your dishwasher empty. That should help. It is not normal to have mold and mildew in your dishwasher so you need to figure out why this is happening to eliminate the problem. Good Luck

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