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Bathroom Mold Removal - Mold Removal Questions
1.00 Mold/ black mold clean up and removal?

Q. We have mold in or bathroom what is the name of the product [not bleach] that kills it and found at the hardwear store help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Try using baking soda and vinegar paste.

1.00 Does anyone know addresses or phone numbers of companies who would be willing to sponsor a charity?

Q. I have started a seperate division of my contracting company that would provide services to low income families in order to better our neighborhood and help keep people safe (removal of lead pain, fixing roofs, removing mold and asbestos, etc.). Does anyone know any addresses or phone numbers of corporate or individual sponsors who my be willing to help fund us?

A. You need to check businesses in your area. Also call the tv stations and get the word out. Churches too.

1.00 Concerns over mold in home.?

Q. We signed a lease on a home to move in. We are trying to get the place in livable, cleaning, etc. They had dogs and there are hairs all over the place. Each and everytime I am in the house I get a very sore throat. Husband gets a headache. I was wondering if there could be a mold problem so we bought prolab kits. One downstairs had a few small mold spores and the ones upstairs just one. I don't want to overreact just concerned. We are going to clean out ducts and shampoo carpets but a company specializing in pet odor removal. The house is only 4 years old. What could the sore throat be from? Thanks.


1.00 Should a person who is allergic to penicillin help with the removal of black mold caused by flooding?



1.00 Removal of Mold on Coquina House?

Q. Anyone have any experience removing mold from a coquina house? It is black mold and is very prevalent where there is water run off. Are there environmental concerns with bleach? Kill plants, etc.

A. 60% bleach 40% water...

1.00 Black mould spots on my new bathroom tiles...?

Q. Hello.... i have recently had a new bathroom fitted and have started to notice small black mould spots on some of the tiles... the tiles are not the smooth type they are textured so the mould seems to be ingrained in the tile how do i remove it i have tried the usual mould removal potions and a good scrub with a nail brush and bleach but this did not work.. can any one help me get rid of these black spots that seem to be growing in numbers... many thanks..

A. Try using neat bleach (as Domestos, Parazone). Wear good rubber gloves to do this. Is your bathroom unheated?, mould grows in damp conditions.

1.00 Repairs are needed, but no one is listening!?

Q. Almost a week ago, we got new neighbors upstairs. They moved in quietly, and then the next day, I was woken up to what sounded like rain in my bathroom. Our bathroom was being flooded from a leak (not a tiny one, either) in the ceiling. After throwing down as many towels, buckets, and anything else to stop it from leaking down to the bottom floor, I went upstairs to see if everything was alright. One of the tenants explained that they had been replacing the shower head, and a pipe broke. One of the repair guys for our apartment was already cleaning up the damage. The water had been shut off, and I could hear him working. I explained that our bathroom was flooded, and she told me she'd send the repair man down to us when he was done. Two hours later, she came down to see the damage herself... and asked if he'd been there. I told her he hadn't... and she was very distressed at the damage. A week later, the bathroom smells like mold, despite my best efforts, there are flies swarming around, even hiding in areas I didn't know existed, and the ceiling where the water came through is beginning to bend and warp... nevermind that it looks like someone wet themselves on our ceiling, and it's dried. I've called our landlord once a day for the last week, and I've received nothing but a message machine or a non-committal "We'll send someone out there." My boyfriend and I do not have the funds to fix this (we can't even use the washing machine because we don't have quarters for it...) and I'm beginning to feel my patience wearing thin. Is there something or someone I can speak to who will actually *do* something about the damage? My boyfriend thinks the ceiling tiles may be made with asbestos, and since this is an old building, I'm not exactly going to tell him that's silly thinking. We don't know what to do!

A. Here is what you do with a non-responsive Landlord. #1. Take several photos of the damage and mold-2 sets of copies. #2. Start a time log of everytime you speak with your landlord about this problem. Enter it all in the log. #3. Write a letter to your landlord listing the dates of when the damage started and the day she came down to look at the damage. Also state that she has been un-responsive in repairing the damage and you feel that you are being inconvienienced by this situation. #4. State that you will be deducting a certain percentage of the rent owed to her until this problem is repaired. When you send the rent check make a copy of it and and also a copy of a short letter stating what amount is deducted from that months rent and why. #5. Also state that you will be contacting the health department if the situation is not taken care of. *This needs to be sent certified mail with a signed return receipt showing she received the letter and signed for it. That way she cannot claim she never recevied your letter. This way she has been notified of your intent and if it goes to small claims court - she will have a lot of explaining to do. It would be helpful if someone else in your building knows about this situation you are in. Have someone living in the building that you know look at the damage and that way you will have a witness to the length of time it is taking to get it fixed. Your boyfriend won't work because he would have a biased opinion.

1.00 What companies are hiring for Asbestos, Mold, Toxic Waste etc. removal in Japan?

Q. Im Looking to move to Japan because I want to be able to travel and still work in places where I go so I really need to keep a job. Asbestos is everywhere and I know with the disaster in Japan the is plenty of Toxic Waste, Asbestos, and Mold. Thank you for any info. I have tried in the search bar in yahoo for theses type of jobs but no luck.

A. Unfortunately unless you know fluent Japanese or are a degreed engineer, finding employment in Japan will be next to impossible. Japan is a very insular country and there's a great deal of xenophobia present among its people. Also, it's very difficult to obtain a work visa for Japan. You might try Kajima, which is a large Japanese construction firm that also has a strong presence in the United States. Here's a link to their website:

Bathroom Mold Removal

 Mold Removal - Bathroom Mold Removal It's not hard to understand why bathrooms are such mold magnets. The conditions are perfect for the growth of these spores -- it's wet, and always at least a little damp. The air quality inside a bathroom tends to be humid. These are perfect conditions for mold and mildew spores to take root and fester. Before long, you have thick icky black patches on your bathtub, or in your shower. When that happens, no amount of scrubbing is going to help. You need a bathtub mold removal or shower mold removal to get rid of the toxic problem for you.

 mold removal company in Irvine, California Take these simple steps to keep toxic mold spores out of your bathroom. When the bathroom is not in use, keep the doors open. Keep the floors and walls of your bathroom clean and dry. Mop up puddles of water, and don't leave water standing in the tub or sink for too long. Use an exhaust fan to recycle warm and stale air. If you do see spores in your tub or shower, call a bathtub mold removal service or a shower mold removal service. Don't attempt to rub the spores on your own -- you'll only dislodge them, and cause them to contaminate other areas of your bathroom.

If you notice mold contamination in your bathroom, don't attempt to remove it on your own. Mold spores can be highly toxic, besides being common allergens that cause respiratory problems. Simply fill out the form, and we'll hook you up with up to 4 of the most reputed mold removal companies in Irvine. Finding a mold removal company can be hard -- but with our online estimate form, it's simple and easy!

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I have found what I believe is mold in an area where there used to be a sink in a bar area. Whoever took the sink out had left it with a drip and mold occured. I had a plumber clean it up, and now it is back aagain. My bedroom now has this closet in it and to me it is scary.

Betty C

Celling of shower and wall 6 inches below celling on drywall has black mold showing on top of paint. I have just started to notice it get bigger.

Reuben K


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