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Kitchen Mold Removal - Mold Removal Questions
1.00 Renting a house that is not livable?

Q. My husband and I are renting a house. 3 months ago, a water leak caused mold which was removed and cleaned. In the removal of mold- our laundry room, sink, dish washer and part of our kitchen floor was removed. Our fridge was relocated to our dining room. Basically, the only thing in the kitchen we can use is the stove but we have nowhere to wash our dishes or get water. We also have no access to washer/dryer hook ups. ' No reconstruction on our house has been started. No effort made to get the insurance company in gear about the fix. Our landlord is refusing to reduce our rent for the time being and/or compensate us for the past 2 months that half our house is under construction. Do we have any legal options? I know most of the rental agreement is laid out in the lease, but other than that, any advice??

A. Yes, if it is not in livable conditions you can call your state and they will give you a number you call that number and they will go after the land lord. the land lord can lose his house and it could be handed over to you for a very cheap price. or he will kick it into gear and get it fixed fast.

1.00 Remove baseboards for basement flooding?

Q. We recently had flooding in our basement due to a backup from our kitchen / sewer drain. We have cleaned the floors, walls and baseboards and also pulled up the carpet. Do we need to replace the baseboards as well?

A. Well that really depends on what type of baseboards they are. All the sheetrock is probably still wet. I would suggest pulling off the baseboards and cutting a few inches of the sheetrock out (just enough so that when you put baseboard back on it will cover the missing rock) and putting some fans on the studs behind. If you don't get this dry you will have mold. Mold doesn't hurt everyone, but it will keep growing back there behind that wall and will cause major problems down the road. The best thing you could do would be to call a disaster restoration company in your area. If your not wanting to involve your insurance company then they could get really expensive. You could at least have them just check it out for you. Explain your situation to them and they may be kind enough to check everything out with their moisture meters and let you know what to do above what you have already done. Good luck!

1.00 Does anyone know addresses or phone numbers of companies who would be willing to sponsor a charity?

Q. I have started a seperate division of my contracting company that would provide services to low income families in order to better our neighborhood and help keep people safe (removal of lead pain, fixing roofs, removing mold and asbestos, etc.). Does anyone know any addresses or phone numbers of corporate or individual sponsors who my be willing to help fund us?

A. You need to check businesses in your area. Also call the tv stations and get the word out. Churches too.

1.00 Concerns over mold in home.?

Q. We signed a lease on a home to move in. We are trying to get the place in livable, cleaning, etc. They had dogs and there are hairs all over the place. Each and everytime I am in the house I get a very sore throat. Husband gets a headache. I was wondering if there could be a mold problem so we bought prolab kits. One downstairs had a few small mold spores and the ones upstairs just one. I don't want to overreact just concerned. We are going to clean out ducts and shampoo carpets but a company specializing in pet odor removal. The house is only 4 years old. What could the sore throat be from? Thanks.


1.00 Should a person who is allergic to penicillin help with the removal of black mold caused by flooding?



1.00 Mold/ black mold clean up and removal?

Q. We have mold in or bathroom what is the name of the product [not bleach] that kills it and found at the hardwear store help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Try using baking soda and vinegar paste.

1.00 Removal of Mold on Coquina House?

Q. Anyone have any experience removing mold from a coquina house? It is black mold and is very prevalent where there is water run off. Are there environmental concerns with bleach? Kill plants, etc.

A. 60% bleach 40% water...

1.00 What companies are hiring for Asbestos, Mold, Toxic Waste etc. removal in Japan?

Q. Im Looking to move to Japan because I want to be able to travel and still work in places where I go so I really need to keep a job. Asbestos is everywhere and I know with the disaster in Japan the is plenty of Toxic Waste, Asbestos, and Mold. Thank you for any info. I have tried in the search bar in yahoo for theses type of jobs but no luck.

A. Unfortunately unless you know fluent Japanese or are a degreed engineer, finding employment in Japan will be next to impossible. Japan is a very insular country and there's a great deal of xenophobia present among its people. Also, it's very difficult to obtain a work visa for Japan. You might try Kajima, which is a large Japanese construction firm that also has a strong presence in the United States. Here's a link to their website:

Kitchen Mold Removal

 Mold Removal - Kitchen Mold Removal Mold is an organic being, and is the most harmful thing you can have growing in your house. It is a known allergen and can cause respiratory problems, and allergy flare ups in those who inhale it. The kitchen happens to be one of the most common haunts of mold because of the constant availability of food and water. Here are some ways you can keep your kitchen safe of mold and mildew.

 mold removal company in Irvine, California keep your drains clean. The drains are constantly wet and therefore provide a fertile ground for mold to begin growing. Pour small amounts of bleach regularly down the sink. Whenever you use lemons for cooking cut up the rind and shove it down the garbage disposal. The lemon juice kills spores. Don't leave food in the garbage bin for too long. Fix leaky faucets and drains as quickly as possible. The drip drip of the water will create conditions that are ideal for mold spores to begin infesting the area. Use an exhaust fan to keep stale air out for the kitchen. If you have no exhaust fan, get one installed. It's a small investment to keep the air in your kitchen clean and dry. Wipe wet surfaces regularly, and wipe them completely dry.

Keep your kitchen clean and dry, and you should be able to see no mold. However, if you do find that mold has contaminated your kitchen, don't attempt to remove this on your own. You risk spreading the spores around which can easily lodge in other parts of the kitchen. Simply fill out the form below, and you could get in touch with a mold removal contractor in Irvine as soon as a couple of days from now! Our expert mold removal contractors are all experienced, and come with expertise in mold remediation in any situations. Our free online estimate form for mold removal contractors gives you the ability to connect with kitchen mold removal companies quickly and free of charge!

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